Our Services

Innovative solutions looming…

On the lookout for trends, we shape solutions adapted to your projects, while providing you with a range of services supported by both steelmakers and teams of experts in logistics, finance and credit-risk.

Consulting arm - Our key words: guide and assist

We are dedicated to guiding you in your choices. We are dedicated to guiding you in your choices. We assist you with the technical aspects of the various products and advise you according to their availability on the market, their quality and cost.

Our Partners - Linked by a common vision

In an ever-changing world, the mills we work with are our compass. At the service of the iron and steel industry, there are about 30 of them, spread over Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Europe, integral members of the network we have finely knit, fully committed to working at the pace of change. We are bound by a common vision: to be as efficient as possible.

Logistics - Managing your projects successfully

A sophisticated logistics service goes far beyond transporting goods from one warehouse to another. Delays and assurances, customs formalities in some cases, are all the factors to be considered to ensure the success of a delivery.

Trade-Finance and Credit-Insurance - We invest in lasting relationships

The financing of transactions is of particular importance for a large number of economic players in the steel industry. During its journey, Transmetal has invested in building strong relationships with agile financial partners and credit-insurers, thus allowing deferred payments to operators whose risks have been assessed favourably.

Flow of information - Communication is the key

Some little things make a huge difference. Our team strongly believes in the importance of a seamless flow of information across the supply chain. This eliminates unnecessary steps, thus minimising the cost of processes and storage.

Contact us by phone, e-mail, WhatsApp or through our chatbot, our team has tools to better serve you.